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〒305-0047 茨城県つくば市千現1-12-4



つくば デイリーイン



When you work or leisure Relax! tsukuba Dailyinn

Please feel free to use.

TX Tsukuba Station

25 minutes on foot

​6 minutes by car

International Congress Center

14 minutes on foot

4 minutes by car


Sengen area

9 minutes on foot

3 minutes by car


16 minutes on foot

6 minutes by car

NIMS Namiki area

9 minutes on foot

3 minutes by car


20 minutes on foot

6 minutes by car

Joban expressway Sakura Tsuchiura IC

8 minutes by car

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It is suitable for access to facilities such as "Tsukuba Space Center", "Materials and Materials Research Organization", "National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology" and "Tsukuba International Conference Center".
"High-speed bus Tsukuba-Tokyo station line" can be used from the nearest "Sengen 1-chome" bus stop.
By car is 8 minutes to "Sakura Tsuchiura Inter". Located in the prefecture, it is convenient to access to the prefecture North Prefecture South and Tokyo.

Although we are away from "Tsukuba Station" (6 minutes by car), we have many free bicycles for rent, so once you can come, you can also have convenient access to neighboring facilities and destinations We are located.
In case
We will support your work and long-term accommodation with a meal plan and various services in the hotel.
The multipurpose lobby of 1F is free to use. Please use for chat and work outside the room.

Relax after work! I am waiting for everyone's use.


※ Member registration displayed at the time of reservation is optional. You can use without registration.
※ It can not enter directly from the main street side of Tokyo. Please turn around to the back street side for both people and automobiles.
※ Parking free (reservation is required for use of micro and large cars, use of oversized type car is difficult)
※ Rental bicycle reservation use is not available. It is the same after check-in.
※ There is no covered parking lot for motorcycles. We will guide you to the outdoor parking lot for cars.
※ Multipurpose lobby is available for groups For other reasons, it may be available for private use.


Free lending bicycle

Multipurpose lobby

Free coffee

Free washing machine

Manga loan

Pipe Hanger Lending

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お仕事の後は   Relax!  tsukuba Dailyinn


Multipurpose lobby, free-use free space

Relax after work! It's open space so you can use it freely. Food and drink can be brought in and used. Wi-Fi compatible TV, microwave oven, pot setting, as well as beverage service etc. In addition, here is a comprehensive manga section. You can bring your own room.

And after checkout, you can use it for desk work in an environment equipped with Wi - Fi and a power outlet at a moment till meeting or promised time. (Until 12: 00)

In case

※ For multipurpose lobbies, there is a case that it will be a charter when using other groups.


Free coffee

Morning coffee is served in the multipurpose lobby. We prepare stick drinks etc. at night. Please use it by all means.

P6251775_t_a (3).jpg





bicycle (24)_i_a_s.jpg

Free rental bicycles

Bicycle city Tsukuba! To work, to convenience stores, the neighbor's movement is bicycle is convenient and refreshing.


※Advance reservation is not possible.


Free washing machine ·
Pipe hanger rental

It is very profitable for long-term use! You can use the washing machine for free at the laundry corner. Also very convenient pipe hanger can be borrowed for free. Please use it by all means of grooming.

There is also a saving plan

It is very profitable for long-term use! You can use the washing machine for free at the laundry corner. Also very convenient pipe hanger can be borrowed for free. Please use it by all means of grooming.


Free free Wi-Fi,
LAN Cable Lending

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and cable connection. Wi-Fi connection is available in 1F lobby.


Tsukuba Daily Inn is located within Tsukuba Research Gakuen City, so it is convenient for access to each related facility in the school. Because we have a large number of free lending bicycles, access may be more convenient than car. Since 1F multi-purpose lobby can be used freely, please use it for work and relaxation outside the room. Also long term accommodations are also comfortable for work and leisure, such as free coffee / free washing machine / manga rental / pipe hanger rental.

1-12-4, Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, 305-0047

TEL.029-851-0003 FAX.029-851-1451



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